Picking the Perfect Celebrity Flatmates

We’ve all seen the dramas and horrors of Celebrity Big Brother and so we know that, in reality, celebrities — along with their big egos, undomesticated ways and penchant for sleeping with one another — would probably make the worst flatmates. However, let’s suspend reality for just a moment and enter a fantasy world where you could create your dream flatshare from a pool of beautiful or talented individuals, so that your every interest, whim and desire could be catered for. Not sounding so bad now, is it?

The question is this: if you could choose any celebrities in the world to have as your flatmates, who would they be? Here is a list of our favourite five celebs for a flatshare to give you some inspiration!

Jamie Oliver


Well, this one’s top of the list and it’s a pretty obvious choice. Everyone’s favourite “boy-next-door” TV chef would make one pretty amazing (and useful!) flatmate, that’s for sure! Every morning you could get your requests in for the evening meal while you enjoy some pancakes, an English breakfast or perhaps poached eggs with smoked salmon. Fancy something Italian, a full roast dinner, or an innovative and delicious cheap meal as the end of the month looms near? Jamie’s your guy and he’s sure to make something mouth-wateringly divine every time!

Moreover, not only would his culinary skills make every dinner with his flatmates a delicious adventure, he’s also a nice guy who always seems up for a laugh, and who would probably crack a few good jokes over the lasagne too. Speaking of jokes…

Jack Whitehall

This might seem like an odd choice, especially considering that Mr Whitehall first appeared on our screens playing a rather annoying flatmate in the comedy show Fresh Meat. However, we’re pretty sure that, in real life, his humour and excellent stand-up comedy would make for fantastic flatmate banter! There’s nothing like a good laugh to cheer you up after a bad day at work, an awful breakup, or a completely empty fridge.


If you’re still not convinced, the fact that his cool celebrity mates could be coming over to hang might swing it for you. By his own admission, he’s pretty close to the dashing Robert Pattinson: “Our parents know each other a bit and my hair is just as good as his.”

Taylor Swift


When it comes to A-list, there isn’t a much higher rank than the one occupied by Miss Swift. While being invited to all the top celeb bashes and getting to borrow outfits from Taylor’s undoubtedly designer-filled wardrobe would be big pluses, there’s also the fact that you’d have your very own music machine on tap. What better way to feel revived after a boring lecture or disappointing interview than to have Taylor singing Shake It Off to you live while you sulk in bed?!

Phil and Kirstie


These two are practically British TV royalty… not to mention super badass property experts. If you had Phil and Kirstie on your flatmate team, with their knowledge and negotiation skills to hand, you’d be living in a seriously pimping pad for half the asking price in no time! We’ve got a feeling this duo are pretty house-proud too, and they’d be all over the decorating, making sure that the place was kept clean and tidy for everyone.

Bruce Willis


Every flat needs that one flatmate who’s not afraid to head out into the dark at night to investigate an odd noise; someone who’s nominated “the flat protector” and will take it upon themselves to keep you all feeling safe! Who better to do this than the invincible hero from the Die Hard franchise? You’d certainly sleep better at night knowing he was just down the corridor.

Ryan Gosling

giphy-18Last but not least! Every girl would love to end up like Jess in New Girl surrounded by handsome men in a flatshare. The perfect candidate is Ryan Gosling. With his beautiful blue eyes, we always need to have the man-we-can-never-have in your flatshare so we can check him out for free.

Time to snap back to reality! The chances of getting these real A-listers celebrity to move in with you are pretty slim, unfortunately. However, there’s a good lesson here in terms of what qualities you might look for in your “average Joe” flatmates too. Every flatshare needs good food, laughs, music and care. So, thinking about your ultimate celebrity list could actually help you find “the real deal” ideal flatmates!

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