Our Dream Team

EasyRoommate prides itself in providing our members the best possible service available online for anyone looking for a room or roommate.  It is so easy today to go online to find almost anything you need, that you almost forget that there are many people behind the sites you visit that keep them up and running.  Out team consists of many members, here and abroad, that work hard everyday to make sure that your experience on the site is the best it can be.

Is there a technical problem, our experienced programmers and development team is in office to ensure hands on troubleshooting and fixes.  No need to send off issues to a third party development company and wait for fixes.  Do you have questions about the site, our team members handling the phones are well versed in the EasyRoommate universe and can handle most questions with ease.  In the event that a question comes in that’s a bit off base, some of our elder staff have been with the company from almost the beginning, so we will get you the answers to your questions.  Do you prefer sending an email with your questions, no problem.  We are accustomed to answering each email we receive as the only email we have, instead of the hundredth, to ensure each one IS an answer to your question, not an automated reply that may or may not be what your looking for.

The part of the site that is the most important to all users is the actual rooms to rent and searching profiles posted on it, so that is why we spend the majority of the day looking at each ad and profile that comes in to ensure you are getting quality matches.  If an ad or profile looks fake, or we believe it to be a scam, its removed before it every gets online.  If an ad has insufficient information, we contact the poster with suggestions to optimize their chances of finding the right room or roommate.  Our team members are trained, and retrained to ensure that only the legitimate ads get posted live for you to see.  Time consuming yes, but well worth it to make sure our members have the best experience possible when looking for that perfect match.

The next time you are looking for a roommate on EasyRoommate.com, know that our dream team is behind the scenes, to make sure that your roommate search is running smoothly and efficiently.  We have spent the last 11 years building our service around our members needs, and we see no need to stop this.  Good is never good enough at EasyRoommate!

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