Taking in a lodger? Better read our top tips!


Be sure to do relevant sense and document checks and get tenant to sign an agreement.  Set out all terms and agreements in writing and get all parties to sign although it does not form a private tenancy agreement it does give you some protection. Lodger legal agreements can be sourced online relatively cheaply.  Tenant checks and referencing can also be sourced online to give you further peace of mind

Advertise the room online there are a number of sites it’s relatively cheap to become a member and listing is free.  It allows you to proactively contact people rather than having to wait for the phone to ring in the case of standard advertising, it’s like online dating.  It also allows you to vet any potential by looking at their profiles.  Include high quality pictures of the room and property itself.  Include a detailed description of the property, if you don’t make the effort nor will the person looking

Tell the potential tenant about the property and the area, let them know about the transport links, local facilities, etc

Be specific about the type of tenant you are looking for.  Tell the potential tenant about you and your lifestyle, it’ll help them decide if you’re a good match and you’ll tend to get a more suitable person contacting you

The room itself should be neutrally decorated and may need to include a bed / wardrobe depending on the tenants needs

Make any house rules and living boundaries clear from the outset

Assess the rent to charge by benchmarking online against other properties available online

Make it clear what is included in the rent, are bills inclusive?  Making bills inclusive can save future difficulties and hassle.  It is also a good idea to collect monthly rent by direct debit

Be aware you need to tell your mortgage lender if you take in a lodger because it may change the terms of your mortgage agreement

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