Jewish roommates can now expect more

Are your hopes and expectations rarely met when looking for the perfect share accommodation or a like-minded roommate to share your home?
Do you also find advertising your apartment or searching for a roommate can be expensive, time consuming and boring?

What if you could search by Lifestyle?

Research shows that searching for a property or roommate has not changed much over the last two decades – first you select a city or zip code, price ranges, number of bedrooms and hit the search button.
Obviously, this is a very static and fact driven database search which does not encompass your personal lifestyle needs.
One of our recent surveys reveals that customers are thinking about lifestyle well before they move house or change job or even relocate to an unfamiliar country.
Good news!

Finally, real estate and roommate sites have started to listen to YOUR demands and now attempt to match accommodation & roommate searches with lifestyle needs. In recent times many property portals have emerged that cater for lifestyle needs or embed a form of social networking to the property search experience.
“At last! A real estate portal built with Jewish Lifestyle in mind”

Jewish Living has taken this concept even further – a niche portal that caters for share accommodation and roommates with a Jewish lifestyle.

Jewish Living connects like minded Jews with the aim of bonding and engaging them. Finding the right roommate and living together in share accommodation provides opportunities to meet, create relationships and exchange cultural and social experiences.

The task to find your perfect roommate has now become easy with the fast and user-friendly service offered by Jewish Living Roommate Finder (  Jewish Living, Australia’s premier Jewish real estate website, has just launched in the United States and is now bringing its unique service to all those living a Jewish lifestyle throughout America.

In order to achieve the highest potential, Easyroommate has not hesitated to collaborate with Australia’s largest Jewish real estate portal.

Jewish Living’s Roommate Finder is a FREE service that allows you to search for roommates based on criteria such as gender, age, occupation, religious view and the degree to which they keep kosher and shomer Shabbat. The site features a user friendly interface, making it an easy task to find like-minded roommates. You even have the option to link your Jewish Living profile to your Facebook page to give potential roommates a better insight into your lifestyle and interests. Post your own profile or search the profiles online and you could soon be saying Shalom to your perfect roommate.

Along with offering a Roommate Finder feature, the Jewish Living website also offers numerous resources for those living a Jewish lifestyle, including rental and share accommodation close to synagogues, Jewish schools and listings for kosher butchers, bakeries and restaurants. These key features make it an especially useful site for those who are new to a city and looking to live close to a Jewish community or within the eruv.  Whether you’re a grad student heading to NYU or you’re relocating to Chicago for your first full-time job, log on to Jewish Living today and live your best Jewish life.

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