How to write a successful roommate advertisement


Many people overlook the importance of writing a good roommate advertisement to attract searching renters to contact you versus the other renters offering rooms in your area.  Think of your advertisement as being in competition with other rental ads and put yourself in the searchers shoes.  Ask yourself, if I was looking at all the ads for room rentals in my area, which ones would I contact, those with little information, or those that gave me all the information I need?

So, the question is, what information do I provide in my advertisement to attract the most roommates possible?  The answer is simply, Everything.  Now, I don’t mean including the dimensions of the kitchen sink, but include all key features of your home, the room to rent, and anything in your area or neighborhood that would be of interest to a new roommate.

You’ll also want to include what you are expecting from a new roommate.  Do you have a quite household and looking for someone to seamlessly join, do you mind smokers, pets etc…  These are all requirements you already have in your head, so put them down on your advertisement.  Now this may sound like its turning into a high school term paper, but it doesn’t need to be long, just to the point.  I wrote up an example of an advertisement below to give an idea of how an optimized ad will read, so you have an idea of what I mean.

“I have 1 room to rent in my home in (enter your city, and neighborhood).  It’s a quite area with plenty of street parking, so If you have a car, you can typically find parking right in front.  If not, we have local shops nearby and public transportation as well.  The room is furnished with bed, dresser and tv.  Cable tv and wifi included in rent.  Other utilities are not included.  Your cut will be about $X per month.  My new roommate will have access to the common areas of the home, living room, kitchen and bathroom.  Ideally, I’m looking for someone to stay at least six months, a non smoker, and not to noisy.  If this sounds like it might suit you, contact me.  Thanks.”

Now that wasn’t too bad was it?  Short, includes all the key points on your rental, and is very informative.  Believe it or not, when people read your advertisement, they also get an impression of your personality, so keep a friendly open tone to the your writing to attract more roommates.

Finally, don’t forget to include photos on your advertisement.  The internet is a very visual place, where people look at pictures before they read.  So put some nice interior photos of your home to catch the eyes of the potential renters.

If you are about to start searching for a roommate, you can post your advertisement on EasyRoommate to start attracting renters to your rental.  If you already have one up and running, go back into it and edit your information.  It’s never too late to optimize your ad and get the best results possible.

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