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Money Saving Tips for Flatsharers this Winter

Have you ever noticed how much your bills increase during the winter months? All of a sudden you have to crank your heater up and the water takes longer to warm. Cutting costs during the winter months doesn’t have to …

16 Feb 2012 by Baptiste

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According to our latest survey one in five Australians continue living together after a breakup for fear of not being able to afford to live separately.
Of the 1,000 people we spoke to, 35% of the people whose relationships had ended …

22 Nov 2011 by Frank

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Finding the best flatmates is all about planning

Finding your ideal housemate can be a bit of a tricky task. Ideally you would like to find someone who fits in with the vibe of your house – friendly, thoughtful, tidy and pays their rent on time.
To guarantee this …

31 Oct 2011 by Frank

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Split the rent easily calculates your portion of the expenses, as well as your roommates portions.

29 Apr 2011 by Frank

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How to Take Great Photos for your Ad!!

Taking great photos to put on your advert will improve the presentation of your advert and it is proven that adverts on our website that have photos on their profile, get a better response then those that don’t!  Here are …

7 Apr 2011 by Selina

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EasyRoomMate’s New Australian Professional FlatMate Agreements!!

We at EasyRoomMate are dedicated to helping you have the best flatsharing experience. We are now offering Professional Flatmate Agreements that simply set out some rules that will allow for a harmonious flatshare and will resolve any disputes should they …

24 Mar 2011 by Selina

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On time rental payment can now effect your credit scores.

11 Mar 2011 by Frank

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Bill Clinton writes preface to his former roommates upcoming spy novel.

9 Mar 2011 by Frank

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Calculate how much rent you should charge, or be paying with this fun roommate rent calculator.

25 Feb 2011 by Frank

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Being a Property manager has many responsibilities associated with it, from building maintenance to resident complaints.  The most basic responsibility, which is also a major role, is collections of the monthly rent from the residents.  Once the rental payments have been …

17 Feb 2011 by Frank